​Not Recommended

Clorox Bleach

Scrubbing Bubbles with bleach


Lime Away


Ajax with bleach

Tough Act



CLR (calcium, lime, rust)

Heavy Duty/Industrial Cleaners 

​​Bathtub Maintenance & Information

We offer a Non-Slip Tread that we refinish right into the paint during our refinishing Process. Please ask about this service when you call to schedule or before we start the refinishing process.

Please avoid using suction cup bathmats at all times. The suction cups mats are the bathtubs worst enemy. They cause the paint to lift and/or peel. If you remove the bathmat after use, the "popping" and pulling of the bathmat will cause the paint to lift or peel and allow water to seep into the exposed area and create further damage to the finish. 

No Suction Cup Bath Mats!!

Avoid letting water sit in the bathtub after use. Be sure to drain water after bathing. If your going to use BATH OILS in your tub/shower, be sure to rinse or wash it after use. BATH OILS tend to leave a residue on the surface, which overtime can build an oily barrier around the tub and will start to absorb build up and dirt. Place a candle holder under any candles places on the tub. If possible, avoid using the Metal Corner Caddies. The ones that use a tension metal pole with shelves. The metal sitting on the corners of the tub or shower will eventually cause rust. Avoid dropping heavy metal objects in the bathtub or around it. It can chip the bathtub. If you have plumbers or any bathroom remodeling done, be sure to tell them to put a drop cloth over the bathtub while working to avoid dropping tools and heavy objects. When washing pets with claws or talons, be sure to put a towel or rubber mat without suction cups on the surface and over the ledge. If chipping occurs, please inform us as soon as possible. We will come out to fix the chip to prevent further damage to the surface. We charge for the day to come and fix anything that happens to the refinish.

Please allow 36-48 HOURS for Paint to Dry

The best way to maintain your newly refinished surface is to treat the refinish the same way you would your car or boat. For example, you would not use bleach or abrasive sponges or cleaners to clean either of those surfaces. The same idea goes for your newly refinished Bathtub/Surface. When you clean your bathtub use the soft side of the sponge and use cleaning products that do not contain BLEACH. Please review the recommended list below for cleaning  products.



Dawn Liquid Soap*

Lysol Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Lysol Tub & Tile Cleaner


Organic & Natural Cleaners (Green Works)

Simple Green


Mr. Clean

Scrubbing Bubbles (bleach free)

Disinfectant Cleaners 

No Suction Cup Bath Mats!!